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We’re excited to unveil BiCrypto v4, representing a substantial advancement in our platform’s evolution. This update introduces numerous enhancements designed to enhance your overall experience, boost performance, and bolster security.

Key Features of BiCrypto v4

  • Matchless Backend Performance: MashServer backend delivers unparalleled performance and scalability.
  • Next-Gen Frontend: Next.js 14 frontend offers a superior UI/UX, smoother animations, and a customizable dashboard.
  • Improved Notifications: Enhanced toast notifications and comprehensive platform-wide notifications.
  • Top-Notch Security: Upgraded security measures for maximum data protection.
  • Futures Addon: Take your trading to the next level with the Futures Addon.
  • New API Documentation: Comprehensive API documentation for effortless integration.
  • Automated API Generator: Streamlined development process with automated API generation.
  • SEO-Optimized Whitelabel Solution: Fully brand-align your platform with built-in SEO features.
  • Dynamic SVG Animations: Enhance user interaction with captivating SVG animations.
  • Automated Liquidity Solutions: Seamless integration with major exchanges and native blockchain support.
  • Innovative Binary Trading System: Experience a cutting-edge binary trading platform.
  • Advanced Charting Tools: Conduct comprehensive market analysis with a rich set of drawing tools and indicators.
  • Real-Time Orderbook: Stay informed with live orderbook updates.
  • Multi-Level KYC System: Ensure regulatory compliance with a robust KYC system.
  • Extensive Extension Library: Continuously expand your platform’s capabilities with a vast array of extensions.
  • Unparalleled Customization: Tailor every aspect of the platform to create a unique user experience.
  • Versatile Wallet Management: Manage your wallets with ease, including balance adjustments.
  • Effortless Platform Updates: One-click live updater ensures your platform stays current.
  • Enhanced Security: Robust 2-factor authentication safeguards your account.
  • Multilingual Support: Break down language barriers with auto-translation features.
  • Real-Time Support: Get immediate assistance through the built-in live chat.
  • Dynamic Blogging Feature: Keep your users engaged with a fully-functional blog.
  • High-Yield Investment Program: Manage high-yield investments directly on the platform.
  • Advanced Admin Tools: Gain comprehensive control over your platform with advanced admin tools and analytics.
  • Effortless Exchange Integration: Easily connect with major providers for orderbook integration.
  • Dual Mode Interface: Choose between light and dark mode for optimal viewing.


  • Included in the installation folder

Demo User:

Demo Admin:

  • Create a new account and contact us by mail to get an admin role due to the security system preventing usage of the same account by multiple users
  • Don’t write your email on product comments unless u want to be spammer by random scammers on the internet

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