Comprehensive Details on April 2024’s Updated Credit Card Regulations for SBI Card, ICICI Bank, Axis Bank, and Yes Bank Revealed!

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Credit Card Revamps Coming in April 2024: Here’s What You Need to Know

Get ready for some changes to your credit card perks! Starting April 2024, several major banks in India – SBI Card, ICICI Bank, Axis Bank, and Yes Bank – are implementing new policies. Here’s a quick breakdown:

SBI Card: No more reward points on rent! Effective April 1st, specific cards like AURUM, Elite, and SimplyCLICK will stop earning points for rent payments.

Yes Bank: Good news for frequent flyers! Starting April, Yes Bank will offer complimentary domestic lounge access to cardholders who spend ₹10,000 or more in a quarter.

ICICI Bank: Get rewarded for bigger spending! From April 1st, ICICI Bank lets you enjoy one free airport lounge visit per quarter. But there’s a catch – you need to spend Rs. 35,000 in the previous three months to qualify.

Stay Informed!

This is just a glimpse of the upcoming credit card policy changes. Remember to check with your specific bank for detailed information on how these updates might affect your cards.

Looking for more?

The provided passage also mentions:

  • Bank holidays in April 2024
  • New tax rules coming into effect

For details on these, you can refer to the original source (Hindustan Times) or search online for “Bank holidays in April 2024, India” and “New tax rules in India, April 2024.

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