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Oobenn: A Unique Social Networking Platform with Instagram-Like Interface

Oobenn is a versatile social networking script that stands out due to its unique features and customizable design. Whether you’re working on a video sharing project, a music community, or any other content-focused platform, Oobenn allows you to tailor the user experience by enabling or disabling specific features.



Key Features:

  1. Text Sharing: Members can post text-based updates.
  2. Image Sharing: Users can share images and photos.
  3. Video Sharing: A feature for uploading and viewing videos.
  4. Music/Audio Sharing: Allows users to share audio files or music tracks.
  5. Link Sharing: Members can post URLs and links.
  6. Filter Image Sharing: Enhances image sharing with filters.
  7. GIF Sharing: Supports animated GIFs.
  8. Location Sharing: Users can tag their posts with locations.
  9. Watermark Sharing: Adds watermarks to protect content.
  10. Benchmark Sharing: An innovative feature not commonly found on other social platforms.
  11. Product Sharing: Ideal for e-commerce or product-focused communities.
  12. Before & After Images: A unique way to showcase transformations.

Unlike mere clones, Oobenn has been developed by incorporating features from popular social sharing platforms while also introducing novel functionalities. For instance, the benchmark feature, which remains largely unused elsewhere, adds value to serious project owners.

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